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    Daniel Ben-Ami: Debating behavioural finance

    22 July 2014 11:06 am| By Daniel Ben-Ami

    Debate concentrates the mind. It is easy to dismiss opinions you disagree with from the privacy of your own living room.

  • Philippa-Gee-450.png

    Philippa Gee: Today's pensions guidance news leaves me worried

    21 July 2014 12:00 pm| By Philippa Gee

    Having heard the announcement this morning about ‘guidance’ being given to those making pension decisions from next year, I am left worried - particularly with the immediate public response.

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  • Robbins Jake Premier

    Jake Robbins: Japan vs Europe - The reformation

    18 July 2014 2:24 pm| By Jake Robbins

    Whilst the market’s attention remains largely focused on the hope of European recovery and the potential for quantitative easing, for those who prefer hard facts it is hard to argue that the fundamentals are more attractive in Japan for the moment. 

  • Wouter Volckaert

    Wouter Volckaert: What to make of the most unloved bull market I've seen

    15 July 2014 3:54 pm| By Wouter Volckaert

    We are six years into a bull market rally and by now you would expect your mother-in-law to be bragging about her latest investment triumphs and to receive hot trading tips from your cab driver. However, none of that is happening.

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Brookes Marcus Schroders

Schroders' Brookes already preparing for the recovery aftermath

Fund Strategy - July 2014 | By Philip Scott

The global economy is further down the recovery road than people think, says Schroders’ Marcus Brookes, who is already prepared for the aftermath. He speaks to Philip Scott

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John Chatfeild-Roberts: Yield trip full of surprises

17 June 2014 1:24 pm | By John Chatfeild-Roberts

The strength of government bond markets has surprised many this year.


Nick Poyntz-Wright: Why the FCA is concerned about adviser fee disclosure

13 June 2014 3:29 pm | By Nick Poyntz-Wright

As it approaches its next phase of thematic review, the FCA has discovered that many firms’ approach to disclosure was “going into a restaurant and being asked to order without being allowed to see the menu or the price list”.



The questions to ask when a star manager leaves

21 July 2014 11:36 am | By Jon Yarker

New research from Aegon has shown that successors of star managers have still outperformed.


Which funds topped Bestinvest’s Spot the Dog list?

19 July 2014 7:00 am | By Gary Jackson

Bestinvest has published its latest Spot the Dog report, highlighting 49 underperforming funds running £19.55bn in assets.

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Fund manager profile: Jacob de Tusch-Lec

Fund Strategy - Apr 2014 | By Gary Jackson

Hooked on investment at 13, the Artemis Global Income fund manager revels in the competitiveness of the ‘game’

Gareth Lewis 700x450

Wealth manager interview: Gareth Lewis, Bestinvest

Fund Strategy - Apr 2014 | By Julie Minett

”We are now five years-plus post-Lehman and a lot of people are already forgetting the lessons”

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