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Opportunity or threat? What advisers make of Govt advice market review

4 August 2015 12:47 pm | By Mark Sands

The review will be led by the Treasury and the FCA and will look at how the advice market can deliver better outcomes for consumers.


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Daniel Ben-Ami: Comparing the West with China

29 July 2015 3:37 pm | By Daniel Ben-Ami

Although it is possible to use the same metrics in both China and the West, such as price-earnings ratios, the context is entirely different.

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Sector focus: Approach absolute return funds with caution

29 July 2015 9:00 am | By Brian Tora

With a variety of investment styles and methods, this is a difficult sector to gauge properly.


Multi-manager verdict: Is property on the rise?

24 July 2015 8:55 am | By Fund Strategy

UK commercial property saw a boom in recent years, but what lies ahead for managers and investors?


Plackett Richard BlackRock

Stick or twist: When to follow a star fund manager

4 August 2015 8:01 am | By Chris Mayo

We should remember departures of this kind are simply a fact of life, leaving a flurry of uncertainty and apprehension in their wake.


Asset allocation: Property is bright spot for Canada Life’s David Marchant

3 August 2015 4:01 pm | By Laura Suter

Marchant says property has done “fantastically well” and in June it was the only positive contributor to returns for the fund.

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Fund manager profile: BlackRock's Justin Christofel

10 June 2015 10:00 am | By Laura Suter

BlackRock’s Christofel is keen to stand out from the large crowd when it comes to the new pension freedom rules.

Invesco Nick Mustoe

Invesco Perpetual: Woodford leaving was a good thing

13 May 2015 4:16 pm | By Beth Brearley

Neil Woodford leaving the fund house was a positive, says Invesco Perpetual chief investment officer Nick Mustoe.

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