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Aviva in talks to buy £5bn Friends Life

21 November 2014 5:24 pm | By Samuel Dale

The deal would create the largest insurance and savings business in the UK.

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  • Paterson Ryan Thesis AM 2014

    Thesis's Paterson: Is Japan still worth backing?

    20 November 2014 12:13 pm| By Ryan Paterson

    After last year’s Abenomics-inspired rally we still feel there is more to play for in Japan for over the next few years.

  • Mark-Dampier-MM-Peach-700x450.jpg

    Mark Dampier: SLI's Legget offers a port in the storm

    19 November 2014 10:00 am

    It takes a courageous fund manager to steer their way around the chaotic environment investors have had to contend with of late.

  • Vanessa-Drucker-700.jpg

    Vanessa Drucker: Telecom stocks in limbo

    18 November 2014 8:42 am| By Vanessa Drucker

    “Net neutrality” prevents internet service providers from charging tiered prices for priority speeds and added bandwidth. Last week President Obama waded into the war, championing the traditional right of all users to equal access, which mandates that all packets of internet traffic be treated alike, regardless of source, destination or content.

  • Stephen-Womack-MM-Peach-700.png

    Stephen Womack: Life offices are clinging to the past

    18 November 2014 8:00 am

    Old-style language can encourage old-style thinking, which can hamper the way our profession develops.

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Newton's Whitbread goes on the hunt for the out of the ordinary

Fund Strategy - November 2014 | By Patrick Collinson, Personal finance editor, The Guardian

Sophia Whitbread is on a mission to broaden Newton’s high reputation in international income by seeking out dividend-paying companies in regions previously regarded as unreliable   sources. High on her list are Mexico and the former Soviet territory of Georgia 

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John Chatfeild-Roberts: Yield trip full of surprises

17 June 2014 1:24 pm | By John Chatfeild-Roberts

The strength of government bond markets has surprised many this year.


Nick Poyntz-Wright: Why the FCA is concerned about adviser fee disclosure

13 June 2014 3:29 pm | By Nick Poyntz-Wright

As it approaches its next phase of thematic review, the FCA has discovered that many firms’ approach to disclosure was “going into a restaurant and being asked to order without being allowed to see the menu or the price list”.



How important is yield when it comes to investment trusts?

13 November 2014 8:00 am | By Sam Macdonald

Last week Oriel Securities published its list of the top 20 investment trusts with a dividend yield in excess of 4 per cent – but how important is yield to advisers?


Asset allocation: ECB fiscal stimulus proves timely for PSigma's Becket

6 November 2014 8:00 am | By Sam Macdonald

Psigma says the falling valuations in the Eurozone have presented it with a fantastic opportunity as most others shy away from the region’s assets.

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Why numbers are not everything for Schroders' James Sym

Fund Strategy - July 2014 | By Gary Jackson

The Schroders pan-European equity manager on making funds his own empires and showing a flair for enterprise.

Edward Lam

Fund manager profile: Edward Lam

Fund Strategy - June 2014 | By Gary Jackson

The lead manager of Somerset Emerging Markets Dividend Growth is proving his fund a worthy aspirant for the asset class’s ‘golden standard’ 

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Following the Financial Services Consumer Panel’s damning report into fund charges what do you think the solution is?