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Skandia to shut Invesco funds and switch £640m to Woodford

22 August 2014 1:47 pm | By Sam Macdonald

Skandia says the move has been made on the back of investor feedback and is in the best interests of clients.

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  • Tessa-Norman-MM-Peach-300.jpg

    FOS loophole exposes contradictions

    22 August 2014 8:30 am| By Tessa Norman

    Why do different rules apply to adjudicator and ombudsman decisions?

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  • Philippa-Gee-450.png

    Philippa Gee: Separating risk from personal circumstances

    21 August 2014 2:36 pm| By Philippa Gee

    Risk is such an important conversation and if the client doesn’t have an adviser, they should still consider the level of risk. Radio silence is not usually a great return for investment.

  • Robbins Jake Premier

    Jake Robbins: Don't believe the bullish European hype

    19 August 2014 1:49 pm| By Jake Robbins

    The market has for some time chosen to ignore the facts and focus on the more bullish survey data, but as recent weeks have shown with significant underperformance by European markets, the fundamentals will show through eventually.

  • Ben-Ami-Daniel-2014-700.jpg

    Daniel Ben-Ami: Avoid the confidence trap

    19 August 2014 10:08 am| By Daniel Ben-Ami

    When a blatant error is repeated frequently it is worth thinking about why. In this case the example is not directly related to investment or economics but there is an important parallel.

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John Chatfeild-Roberts: Yield trip full of surprises

17 June 2014 1:24 pm | By John Chatfeild-Roberts

The strength of government bond markets has surprised many this year.


Nick Poyntz-Wright: Why the FCA is concerned about adviser fee disclosure

13 June 2014 3:29 pm | By Nick Poyntz-Wright

As it approaches its next phase of thematic review, the FCA has discovered that many firms’ approach to disclosure was “going into a restaurant and being asked to order without being allowed to see the menu or the price list”.



Lombard Odier: Ageing tech kings' 'fake' buybacks suck wealth from investors

20 August 2014 3:49 pm | By Michael Berry

Many old guard technology companies’ buybacks are “fake” and channelling money to employees at the expense of shareholders, Lombard Odier Funds Technology co-manager Bolko Hohaus says.


Henderson's HINT manager boosts Asia Pacific exposure

15 August 2014 3:06 pm | By Pamela Morris

Ben Lofthouse has added mainly to Chinese equities following signs of reforms in the country’s state owned enterprises.

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