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Have investment trusts been hit by a wall of assets?

7 October 2015 9:02 am | By Shaun Cumming

Has the gap between investment trusts and Oeics closed since RDR, asks Shaun Cumming.

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News Analysis


Are ethical inflows here to stay?

30 September 2015 9:14 am | By Laura Suter

Ethical funds have been growing in popularity recently, but will that money stay when performance turns sour?

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Regulation: Preventing innovation in wealth firms

October 2015 - Fund Strategy | By Giulia Lupato

Oncoming EU regulation could well hamper mobile and technological innovation, which requires more scrutiny.

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Trends: Agriculture offers growing returns

October 2015 - Fund Strategy | By Hugo Rogers

Structural tailwinds in the agriculture sector can be as fickle as the weather, but we have seen the worst of the recent slowdown.

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Investment Trusts


Investment trust profile: Booming biotech

October 2015 - Fund Strategy | By Laura Suter

The International Biotechnology Trust has been riding the booming biotech space, managers Carl Harald Janson and Ailsa Craig tell Laura Suter.

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Platforum: Does outsourcing to DFMs risk losing clients?

October 2015 - Fund Strategy | By Heather Hopkins

Many financial advisers avoid using DFMs because they are worried that they will lose some of their best clients to these outsourced investment experts. 

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Multi-manager opinion: What will it take for the US to hike rates?

5 October 2015 9:27 am

Despite plenty of specualtion, the Federal Open Market Committee left interest rates unchanged last month. So are we likely to see a trend for interest rate rises anytime soon?

David Saunders Franklin Templeton K2

Multi-manager profile: Bringing hedge funds to the masses

October 2015 - Fund Strategy | By Laura Suter

Veteran hedge fund manager David Saunders, from Franklin Templeton, talks to Laura Suter about bringing hedge funds to the masses in the UK market.

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Behind the numbers: Will China sneeze mean world catches a cold?

October 2015 - Fund Strategy | By Jake Moeller

China has sneezed. It was nasty and it was messy because China has become a more sophisticated and investible market, and investors have learned more about its global importance. 

Sector focus


Sector focus: How do you solve a problem like global bond funds?

12 October 2015 9:19 am | By Brian Tora

Some bond funds have achieved a size where varying the portfolio mix could prove difficult if the outlook becomes more testing.



Octopus: Pension changes positive for VCTs

8 June 2015 10:30 am | By Beth Brearley

Investors have continued to gravitate to the sector, with £429m raised in the 2014/15 tax year.

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Townsend Lansing_ETF securities

ETFs: How do you hedge out currency volatility?

October 2015 - Fund Strategy | By Townsend Lansing

Currency hedged and currency ETPs can be an effective and efficient means of implementing a currency hedging programme in an international portfolio.

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Structured Products

Gary Dale Investec Structured product

Structured products: One man’s risk is another man’s volatility

October 2015 - Fund Strategy | By Gary Dale

More often when referring to retail investments the term risk is used in isolation when in fact volatility would be more appropriate.

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Daniel Masters GABI

Alternatives: Second wave of Bitcoin is coming

6 October 2015 4:14 pm | By Daniel Masters

Investors revisiting Bitcoin one year on from the market falter will find a very different space.

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Square Mile Research

Jason Broomer Square Mile

Square Mile: Equity market eruption won't upset status quo

October 2015 - Fund Strategy | By Jason Broomer

Despite the alarm caused by the speed of the China market correction, the magnitude of the fall is well within historical norms.

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FS Leader

Laura Suter

Leader: Who's in favour?

October 2015 - Fund Strategy | By Laura Suter

Going in and out of favour is something we see almost daily in the investing industry. 

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Manager profile


Fund manager profile: BlackRock's Justin Christofel

10 June 2015 10:00 am | By Laura Suter

BlackRock’s Christofel is keen to stand out from the large crowd when it comes to the new pension freedom rules.

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John Husselbee, Liontrust

Nature vs Nurture: Crux's Richard Pease

October 2015 - Fund Strategy | By John Husselbee

Charisma is a fascinating quality, and one which Richard Pease certainly has in abundance.



Collinson: GSAM emerging market fund wins in recent falls

October 2015 - Fund Strategy | By Patrick Collinson

Maybe there should be a prize for the tiny number of emerging markets funds that have managed to keep their heads above water and not actually lose money for the investors.

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FS Investment Committee


Investment committee: Have Abe's three arrows worked in Japan?

1 October 2015 11:40 am | By Fund Strategy

The structural reforms proposed by Abe have been harder to realise, as Japan suffers from China market fallouts.

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Big Interview

Richard Phillips

Group profile: GLG's Phillips on the return of a star manager

October 2015 - Fund Strategy | By Beth Brearley

GLG has pushed into the UK retail space in recent years, and is on the hunt to launch more strategies.

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Fund Data


Will the oil price rise above $50 a barrel this year?