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Cover story

FS Cover Story 0315

Cover story: Chemical reaction

March 2015 - Fund Strategy | By Daniel Ben-Ami

Despite the recovery in asset prices, in one way the pain of the 2007/08 crisis continues. Managers have been unable to rely any longer on a balance of bonds and equities and have been forced to consider other ways to diversify a retail portfolio. Daniel Ben-Ami traces the strands of the new reality 

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News Analysis


Can UK funds ride out election volatility?

March 2015 - Fund Strategy

The result of the looming general election is too close to call and the exact blend of some kind of coalition is anyone’s guess which makes for a tricky time ahead for the UK stockmarket, with the mood among investors being one of cautious optimism.

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The Polemic


What price deflation?

February 2015 - Fund Strategy | By Daniel Ben-Ami

The mistake too many commentators make is to associate deflation with stagnation. Better to focus on the underlying economy than on price levels.

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The unlevel playing field of IMD II

March 2015 - Fund Strategy | By Florian van Megen

A robust single market should have common rules for all financial products.

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Why advisers need to think again on diversification

March 2015 - Fund Strategy

The portfolios that are meant to provide an income for customers are those most likely to be insufficiently diversified.

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Investment Trusts

Power up

March 2015 - Fund Strategy | By Beth Brearley

Wind power is a dependable long-term bet, the investment manager of Greencoat UK Wind, a ground-breaking renewable energy fund, tells Beth Brearley.

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D2C platforms need to solve a new problem

March 2015 - Fund Strategy | By Jeremy Fawcett

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Fund Strategy - December 2014

Time to say goodbye … the chairman decides enough is enough.

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Aberdeen Graham Duce

Aberdeen's Graham Duce: My Three Big Calls

18 June 2014 3:16 pm

The investment landscape remains delicate and challenging - a look at why fixed income needs to be flexible, Asia and Japan will prove strong.

Rock Caspar Architas 2014

Multi-manager profile: Architas chief investment officer Caspar Rock

March 2015 - Fund Strategy | By Philip Scott

The multi-manager has reined in his asset allocation bets.

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US plays catch-up in the game of drones

March 2015 - Fund Strategy | By Vanessa Drucker

The government is dragging its feet on unmanned aircraft while giants like Google innovate overseas.

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M&A is set to increase in 2015 says RGP's Simon Collins

Fund Strategy - December 2014 | By Simon Collins

If the intelligence gained from a number of recent conferences I have been at are anything to go by then we look set for an active period of M&A. There seems to be genuine interest from institutions, asset and fund management groups securing further funds from ...

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Sector focus


Sector focus: Mixed blessings

March 2015 - Fund Strategy

The 400-plus funds in the IA Mixed Investment group offer solutions for those of limited resources but may not suit the more aggressive investor 

FE Research

Thomas McMahon 700

Behind the numbers: Active fund investors are losing out

March 2015 - Fund Strategy | By Thomas McMahon

A simple change to the rule that limits an active fund manager to 10 per cent of a single  company could level the playing field with passive funds and make investors better off

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2014/15 to offer slimmer pickings in VCTs

February 2015 - Fund Strategy | By Ben Yearsley

This year’s VCT market offers attractive opportunities in a smaller market than the 2013-14 vintage.

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ETFs: Hot metal

March 2015 - Fund Strategy | By Adam Laird

Commodities may not suit everyone but can be a good diversification tool – especially precious metals.

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Structured Products


Structured products: Making comparisons

March 2015 - Fund Strategy | By Ian Lowes

The UKSPA is aiming to help advisers by proving risk ratings for all members’ products 

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Matthew Wyles

Alternatives: Residential election

March 2015 - Fund Strategy

Alternative options for residential property investment are being developed as the sector strengthens 

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Square Mile Research


Square Mile: Backing the dogs of Wall St

March 2015 - Fund Strategy | By Jason Broomer

The growth gulf between the US and other developed countries makes the dollar a high conviction call

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FS Leader


Change is afoot...

4 March 2015 8:00 am

Focusing on the theme of change - and introducing the new Fund Strategy editor…

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Manager profile

Sam Cosh

Fund manager profile: Sam Cosh

March 2015 - Fund Strategy | By Cherry Reynard

Encouraging signs such as the fall in the euro and cheaper oil could provide a boost to earnings, says F&C’s European Small Cap manager.

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Martin Davis MM blog

Why Kames Capital is actively seeking to be 'middle ground'

February 2015 - Fund Strategy | By Beth Brearley

Kames Capital is no boutique – too big and no follower  of fashion – but is happy not to be among the giants, claiming it could not deliver as good a service if it were  larger. Now it just needs to become better known.

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Patrick Collinson: Flying into a tailwind

March 2015 - Fund Strategy | By Patrick Collinson, Personal finance editor, The Guardian

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FS Investment Committee

Trigger happy?

March 2015 - Fund Strategy

How big a boost will the larger-than-expected QE programme announced by Mario Draghi turn out to be for the eurozone?

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A week in the life of Lucy Walker

Fund Strategy - December 2014 | By Lucy Walker

Lucy Walker is a fund of funds manager at Sarasin & Partners. Her diary runs from 6-10 October.

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Big Interview

RLAM CEO Andrew Carter

Group profile: Royal engineer

4 March 2015 0:00 am | By Beth Brearley

Royal London Asset Management has gone from being an ‘inward-looking’ group to taking its place as one of the top 10 unit trust sellers and chief executive Andrew Carter has been instrumental in that transformation 

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Fund Data


Is the ECB's QE stimulus enough to tempt you into investing in Europe?