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The human factor

Fund Strategy - July 2014 | By Daniel Ben-Ami

Out of a lecturer’s ‘eureka’ moment in the mid-1960s emerged the study of behavioural finance, the concept that the decisions of investors and fund managers are prone to a wide range of cognitive biases. How is it used, and could it have caused the economic crisis? 

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News Analysis

Angele Spiteri Paris

Analysis: The influencing factors in fund selection

Fund Strategy - July 2014 | By Angele Spiteri Paris

Investors are highly influenced by past returns when choosing investment funds, giving them more importance than fund charges and beta ratings. CoreData’s Angele Spiteri Paris looks at how asset management groups can attract investors to make the most of their own offering

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The Polemic


Polemist: Danger! Numbers – handle with care

Fund Strategy - July 2014 | By Daniel Ben-Ami

Financial professionals are all too ready to accept the authority of numbers and as likely as anyone else to confuse correlation with cause and effect

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Rob McCrindle

Why infrastructure is no longer just steel and concrete

Fund Strategy - July 2014 | By Rob McCrindell

Infrastructure spending is on the rise globally and infrastructure assets have become very appealing

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Investment Trusts


How important are the boards on investment trusts?

Fund Strategy - July 2014 | By Annabel Brodie-Smith,

An often overlooked difference between open-ended funds and investment companies is the value that the companies’ boards can add for shareholders. 

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Annalise Toberman (New) 700

Platforms: Waiting for the ETF boom

Fund Strategy - July 2014 | By Annalise Toberman, Richard Bradley

The industry has waited with bated breath for the take-off of ETFs in the UK but it has not materialised

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Fund Strategy - July 2014

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Aberdeen Graham Duce

Aberdeen's Graham Duce: My Three Big Calls

18 June 2014 3:16 pm

The investment landscape remains delicate and challenging - a look at why fixed income needs to be flexible, Asia and Japan will prove strong.

Brookes Marcus Schroders

Schroders' Brookes already preparing for the recovery aftermath

Fund Strategy - July 2014 | By Philip Scott

The global economy is further down the recovery road than people think, says Schroders’ Marcus Brookes, who is already prepared for the aftermath. He speaks to Philip Scott

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Stateside: Online provider in a rather fine mesh

Fund Strategy - July 2014 | By Vanessa Drucker

‘Shared’ accommodation firm Airbnb faces challenges over its valuation and alleged tax avoidance

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FS Roundtable April 2014

Roundtable: Companies are the key for Japan

Fund Strategy - Apr 2014

If Plan A fails, there is no Plan B, but our experts agree Japan’s high-quality firms can help Abe’s reforms to work

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Sector focus


Let's be honest, we got it a bit wrong

Fund Strategy - July 2014 | By Brian Tora

Three years ago it was widely believed that bond yields would rise, driving values down, as inflation loomed. The reality has been somewhat different

FE Research


FE Behind the numbers: Energy market is still risky

Fund Strategy - July 2014 | By Rob Gleeson

Instability in some of the world’s top oil-producing countries has meant that investors need to prepare for a real possibility that oil prices will shoot up again

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VCTs: Seconds are far from unattractive

Fund Strategy - July 2014 | By Ben Yearsley

The secondary market now includes sensible share buyback policies that aim to limit discounts

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When is an ETF not an ETF?

Fund Strategy - Mar 2014 | By Emma Dunkley

Growth in the European ETF industry is being held back by too much private trade over the counter

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Structured Products


Structured products: Benefit of hindsight

Fund Strategy - July 2014 | By Ian Lowes

Investors stung by the stockmarket chose a five-year growth plan that has produced a 50% return

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Luke Jackson 700

Is farmland a suitable asset for retail investors?

Fund Strategy - July 2014 | By Luke Jackson

The growing world population and potential return from crops has made farmland very attractive

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FS Leader


Welcome to the silly season

Fund Strategy - July 2014 | By Adam Lewis

As the fund management community looks to take a well-deserved break the hunt for news can often become a desperate one.

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Manager profile


Why numbers are not everything for Schroders' James Sym

Fund Strategy - July 2014 | By Gary Jackson

The Schroders pan-European equity manager on making funds his own empires and showing a flair for enterprise.

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Big Interview

Gareth Lewis 700x450

Wealth manager interview: Gareth Lewis, Bestinvest

Fund Strategy - Apr 2014 | By Julie Minett

”We are now five years-plus post-Lehman and a lot of people are already forgetting the lessons”

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Fidelity's Bateman delivers damning verdict on adviser's ability to pick funds

Fund Strategy - July 2014 | By Patrick Collinson

When one of the most powerful names in fund selection delivers a damning verdict of advisers’ ability to pick funds, it is worthy of notice. Many of the vast fund range James Bateman oversees as Fidelity Solutions’ head of portfolios are likely be prime targets next year

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FS Investment Committee


Investment Committee: Up for the equity cup

Fund Strategy - July 2014

What’s the investment angle on the current global football fiesta? Our panel turn pundits for the World Cup of equities

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Terrance Murphy

More than the sum of its parts

Fund Strategy - July 2014 | By Adam Lewis

A busy period of consolidation, fund launches and a new brand name have strengthened US-based ClearBridge, whose assets under management have nearly doubled in two years to more than $100bn

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Carl Harald Janson

A week in the life of Carl Harald Janson

Fund Strategy - July 2014 | By Carl Harald Janson

Carl Harald Janson is the manager of the International Biotechnology Trust. His diary runs from 19-23 May.

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