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Eurozone tensions holding back progress

Fund Strategy - November 2014 | By Daniel Ben-Ami

The eurozone owes its existence to the tearing down of the ‘iron curtain’ 25 years ago, which ignited a spirit of unification throughout the continent. An organisation fraught with political, national and economic tensions, its leaders share a determination to hold it together, writes Daniel Ben-Ami 

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News Analysis


​Is yield a ‘nonsense’ figure for income investors?

Fund Strategy - November 2014 | By Gary Jackson

The search for yield has been a persistent theme for many years and it is one of the most common metrics used when looking at and promoting income funds but it could be argued that it tells investors very little at all, with one manager describing it as ‘nonsense’

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The Polemic


The tame inequality debate

Fund Strategy - November 2014 | By Daniel Ben-Ami

Many senior global figures seem more concerned about reducing the growing gap between rich and poor than removing it altogether 

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Imran Razvi 700

Regulation: ​Investing in DC quality

Fund Strategy - November 2014 | By Imran Razvi

The quality of DC pension schemes needs to be definable and comparable

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Andrew Lake 700

Risks and opportunities in global high yield

Fund Strategy - November 2014 | By Andrew Lake

This year has been challenging for strategists but the market is starting to get interesting again

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Investment Trusts


JPM's Brittain rides out the mid-cap storm

Fund Strategy - November 2014 | By Pamela Morris

JP Morgan Mid Cap investment trust manager looks to IPOs and M&A activity as positive signs for the mid-cap sector.

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Away with the men in suits

Fund Strategy - November 2014 | By Annalise Toberman

Financial marketing should be pitching to an investment-shy Mr Average instead of a gent in glasses

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Fund Strategy - October 2014

The chairman gives his take on emotional intelligence in the financial sector …

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Aberdeen Graham Duce

Aberdeen's Graham Duce: My Three Big Calls

18 June 2014 3:16 pm

The investment landscape remains delicate and challenging - a look at why fixed income needs to be flexible, Asia and Japan will prove strong.


John Husselbee on how best to preserve capital

Fund Strategy - November 2014 | By Philip Scott

Liontrust is always on the lookout for value, which means ‘focusing on which sectors and regions have been the laggards’

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American poor pay the price for increased immigration

Fund Strategy - November 2014 | By Vanessa Drucker

Immigration is backed by Left and Right, by business and labour, and the less educated pay the price

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FS Roundtable April 2014

Roundtable: Companies are the key for Japan

Fund Strategy - Apr 2014

If Plan A fails, there is no Plan B, but our experts agree Japan’s high-quality firms can help Abe’s reforms to work

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Sector focus

Brian Tora 2014 headshot

Tora: Beware of the property dangers

Fund Strategy - November 2014 | By Brian Tora

FE Research


Behind the numbers: Horizons put to the test

Fund Strategy - November 2014 | By Markuz Jaffee

Examining the outcomes of an investment over different periods reveals how timing can affect whether returns will be above or below average, and better or worse than cash

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VCTs: Venturing into the mainstream

Fund Strategy - October 2014 | By Ben Yearsley

It’s time to dust off those VCTs because they can now stack up against the ‘normal investments’

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Spreading the word on ETF liquidity

Fund Strategy - November 2014 | By Adam Laird

They say liquidity is a coward: when you need her most she runs away and hides. In current market turbulence investors should be conscious of bid-offer spreads when trading their ETFs. Adam Laird, Hargreaves Lansdown’s head of ETFs, looks at ETF liquidity and how it can impact trading

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Structured Products


Structured products: Following the market

Fund Strategy - October 2014 | By Ian Lowes

Structured products are showing slightly better terms as economic conditions for pricing improve

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Alternatives: Join the property crowd

Fund Strategy - November 2014 | By Samantha Goins

Crowdfunding platforms are making real estate easier and cheaper for developers and investors alike

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Square Mile Research


Square Mile Research: Strength in diversity

Fund Strategy - November 2014 | By Jason Broomer

Investors challenged by the range of European companies can find packaged strategies to fit their needs

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FS Leader


Europe and Africa in times of change

Fund Strategy - November 2014 | By Adam Lewis

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Manager profile


Rory Powe embarks on the 'third leg' of his career

Fund Strategy - November 2014 | By Adam Lewis

After a 13-year absence from running retail money, what has finally persuaded Powe to come back to the fold? 

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How Hermes found its wings

Fund Strategy - November 2014 | By Beth Brearley

With global development head Harriet Steel on board, Hermes Investment Management has seen assets soar in its wholesale division following a vigorous revamp and recruitment campaign  

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Newton's Whitbread goes on the hunt for the out of the ordinary

Fund Strategy - November 2014 | By Patrick Collinson, Personal finance editor, The Guardian

Sophia Whitbread is on a mission to broaden Newton’s high reputation in international income by seeking out dividend-paying companies in regions previously regarded as unreliable   sources. High on her list are Mexico and the former Soviet territory of Georgia 

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FS Investment Committee


Which way for commodities?

Fund Strategy - November 2014

It has been difficult to call the direction of commodities over the past two years but is now the time to buy in?

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Romer Lee Richard Square Mile

Diary: A week in the life of Richard Romer-Lee

Fund Strategy - November 2014 | By Richard Romer-Lee

Richard Romer-Lee is managing director at Square Mile Investment Consulting & Research. His diary runs from 13-19 October

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Big Interview

Gareth Lewis 700x450

Wealth manager interview: Gareth Lewis, Bestinvest

Fund Strategy - Apr 2014 | By Julie Minett

”We are now five years-plus post-Lehman and a lot of people are already forgetting the lessons”

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Fund Data


Following the Financial Services Consumer Panel’s damning report into fund charges what do you think the solution is?