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A world away from global

Fund Strategy – Sept 2014 | By James Smith

The case for having a Global Equity Income sector is surely obvious: it offers a broader investment universe than UK Equity Income. But some high-flying funds have only a 10% allocation to countries outside Europe, the US and the UK. James Smith investigates why so many steer clear of emerging markets

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News Analysis

Zombie 2014

Why is it so difficult to close zombie funds?

Fund Strategy – Sept 2014 | By Michael Berry

While UK funds continue to multiply and post-RDR fund flows concentrate further, are a long, thin tail of zombie funds approaching their doom?

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The Polemic


Old-fashioned survival tactics

Fund Strategy – Sept 2014 | By Daniel Ben-Ami

Technology has forced high street banks to evolve or die. With Google, Facebook and Amazon eyeing the market, will they be able to survive?

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Regulation: Label of love?

Fund Strategy – Sept 2014 | By Julie Patterson

Eltifs would enable long-term non-bank financing but will they get through? 

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Dean Tenerelli

Valuations reign in Spain

Fund Strategy – Sept 2014 | By Dean Tenerelli

The sovereign debt crisis brought an environment that challenged the fundamental investor to the limits

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Investment Trusts


Pensions, freedom and the search for income

Fund Strategy – Sept 2014 | By Ian Sayers

The reforms to retirement funding offer investment companies a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to sell their unique features, such as flexible and growing dividends  

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Emotional finance and the fund manager focus

Fund Strategy – Sept 2014 | By Annalise Toberman

Fund selectors’ responses suggest that emotion plays a bigger role in their work than they might admit

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Fund Strategy – Sept 2014

The chairman discusses his latest “groundbreaking” initiative …

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Aberdeen Graham Duce

Aberdeen's Graham Duce: My Three Big Calls

18 June 2014 3:16 pm

The investment landscape remains delicate and challenging - a look at why fixed income needs to be flexible, Asia and Japan will prove strong.

Bill McQuaker 480

Henderson's McQuaker: Why now is the time to hold cash

Fund Strategy – Sept 2014 | By Philip Scott

Henderson multi-asset head Bill McQuaker fears the market is ignoring a host of dangers that could shatter the fragile economy before it has fully rebounded

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Agriculture springs into the digital age

Fund Strategy – Sept 2014 | By Vanessa Drucker

Efficiencies from the use of drones, GPS technology and ‘magic eyes’ are transforming agriculture

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FS Roundtable April 2014

Roundtable: Companies are the key for Japan

Fund Strategy - Apr 2014

If Plan A fails, there is no Plan B, but our experts agree Japan’s high-quality firms can help Abe’s reforms to work

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Sector focus


Tora: Conditions favour a perennial favourite

Fund Strategy – Sept 2014 | By Brian Tora

Investors who have kept faith with the UK Equity Income sector through thick and thin could soon find it regaining its relative performance crown

FE Research

Thomas McMahon 700

European woes lure investors

Fund Strategy – Sept 2014 | By Thomas McMahon

Despite deflation in several countries and concern over the impact of sanctions against Russia, European equity investors have not been put off, lured by the prospect of QE  

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Yearsley: What would I do if I were HMRC?

Fund Strategy – Sept 2014 | By Ben Yearsley

HMRC should stop changing the investment rules because managers usually find a way around them

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Look beyond the rules when choosing an ETF

Fund Strategy – Sept 2014 | By Adam Laird

What makes an ETF suitable for investment? The European regulators think the Ucits rules are the answer. Adam Laird, Hargreaves Lansdown’s head of ETFs, looks at how Ucits Guidelines are changing and what this means for ETF investors.

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Structured Products


Why structured products are key to the diversification equation

Fund Strategy – Sept 2014 | By Ian Lowes

Diversification is key to reducing risk and structured products bring something different to the mix 

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Luke Jackson 700

Alternatives: Student property: What’s the catch?

Fund Strategy – Sept 2014 | By Luke Jackson

Student property provides strong annual returns but it is a medium- to long-term investment

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FS Leader

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Manager profile


Why delivering a dividend isn't enough for S&W's Frikkee

Fund Strategy – Sept 2014 | By Adam Lewis

‘Just delivering a dividend is not enough, I want excitement,’ says S&W’s UK Equity Income Trust manager 

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The challenges of putting F&C on the radar

Fund Strategy – Sept 2014 | By Adam Lewis

Rob Thorpe joined F&C Asset Management in December with a successful transformation of Cazenove on his CV. He plans to put F&C, under new parent Bank of Montreal, on the market’s radar as a high-profile fund manager 

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What has gone wrong for SLI's Nimmo?

Fund Strategy – Sept 2014 | By Patrick Collinson

Standard Life’s Harry Nimmo is not the first successful manager to hit a patch of poor performance and end up on Bestinvest’s Spot the Dog fund list. His UK Smaller Companies Oeic fund may  be bottom in its sector over one year, but he still sets store by retailers

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FS Investment Committee

On the hunt for income

Fund Strategy – Sept 2014

With dividend payouts at a record high, where do our experts stand on global and developed market income funds?

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Celia Rodgers 700

A week in the life of Aberdeen's Celia Rodgers

Fund Strategy – Sept 2014 | By Celia Rodgers

Celia Rodgers is an investment analyst on Aberdeen Asset Management’s North American Equity team. Her diary runs from 4-10 August.

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Big Interview

Gareth Lewis 700x450

Wealth manager interview: Gareth Lewis, Bestinvest

Fund Strategy - Apr 2014 | By Julie Minett

”We are now five years-plus post-Lehman and a lot of people are already forgetting the lessons”

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Fund Data


What is the best way to deal with zombie funds?