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The man v machine mystery

Fund Strategy - October 2014 | By Vanessa Drucker

Performance numbers starkly demonstrate that active management is a loser‘s game and a significant number of converts have switched their allegiances to passive management in the last decade so why is there still a significant number clinging to active systems? 

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News Analysis


Does a No vote mean the end for Scottish independence?

Fund Strategy - October 2014 | By Pamela Morris

Could the outcome of the vote have been predicted all along? Maybe so, but even with the referendum behind us the risks of Scottish independence could be here to stay

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The Polemic


Polemist: Secular stagnation is a poor excuse

Fund Strategy - October 2014 | By Daniel Ben-Ami

The most recent explanation for the poor performance of the developed economies during the global financial crisis is far too limited and one-sided

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Regulation: The five-year plan

Fund Strategy - October 2014 | By Florian van Megen

The next few months will clearly be vital for all European Union initiatives

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Premier's James Smith on the yield benefits of investing in utilities

Fund Strategy - October 2014 | By James Smith

Regulated utility companies tick the income boxes, plus they are robust and offer inflation protection

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Investment Trusts


A summer of two halves for investment trusts

Fund Strategy - October 2014

In a summer of two halves, corporate activity was becalmed while investment companies outperformed, confounding believers in the maxim ‘sell and go away’

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Taking the personal touch is vital to unlocking Asia

Fund Strategy - October 2014 | By Annalise Toberman

Unlocking the huge potential in Asia requires local knowledge, commitment – and deep pockets

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Fund Strategy - October 2014

The chairman gives his take on emotional intelligence in the financial sector …

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Aberdeen Graham Duce

Aberdeen's Graham Duce: My Three Big Calls

18 June 2014 3:16 pm

The investment landscape remains delicate and challenging - a look at why fixed income needs to be flexible, Asia and Japan will prove strong.

Why Sarasin's Lucy Walker is not afraid to be different

Fund Strategy - October 2014 | By Philip Scott

Sarasin fund of funds manager Lucy Walker on her value-driven approach and why she is not afraid to be different

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Stateside: Rethinking asset allocations in a low rate world

Fund Strategy - October 2014 | By Vanessa Drucker

A time-hallowed allocation formula is changing in the present distorted interest rates climate    

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FS Roundtable April 2014

Roundtable: Companies are the key for Japan

Fund Strategy - Apr 2014

If Plan A fails, there is no Plan B, but our experts agree Japan’s high-quality firms can help Abe’s reforms to work

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Sector focus

Brian Tora 2014 headshot

Sector Focus: Small caps fit best on informed heads

Fund Strategy - October 2014 | By Brian Tora

For those prepared to accept a high degree of risk the rewards from smaller companies can be substantial, but these tend to diminish over time

FE Research

Behind the numbers: Yield is not the only option

Fund Strategy - October 2014 | By Thomas McMahon

When looking for reliable income funds investors need to consider the bigger picture and should not focus solely on yields, particularly in the current market, where they are falling

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VCTs: Venturing into the mainstream

Fund Strategy - October 2014 | By Ben Yearsley

It’s time to dust off those VCTs because they can now stack up against the ‘normal investments’

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How bond ETFs can guard against rate rises

Fund Strategy - October 2014 | By Adam Laird

Don’t be put off by the threat of rising interest rates: a number of ETFs can guard against rate rises

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Structured Products


Structured products: Following the market

Fund Strategy - October 2014 | By Ian Lowes

Structured products are showing slightly better terms as economic conditions for pricing improve

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Alternatives: Objects of desire

Fund Strategy - October 2014 | By Daniel Kiernan

Collectibles can offer substantial advantages as an alternative investment – but there are risks

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Square Mile Research


Square Mile Research: Watch the costs on passive funds

Fund Strategy - October 2014 | By Jason Broomer

Tracking differences between funds from some big-name providers demonstrates the importance of the right choice for retail investors

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FS Leader


Will Scotland No vote curb UK exodus?

Fund Strategy - October 2014 | By Adam Lewis

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Manager profile


Why ClearBridge's Sam Peters thrives on being uncomfortable

Fund Strategy - October 2014 | By Adam Lewis

‘The team is smarter than the individual,’ says the ClearBridge US equity fund manager 

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Baillie Gifford seeks entry into the fund management 'premier league'

Fund Strategy - October 2014 | By Adam Lewis

Baillie Gifford has marked itself out from the crowd as it promotes its funds to wealth managers and advisers. Thanks to a relatively easy RDR transition it is able to give equal favour to its open and closed-ended funds

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Why Alliance Trust's Clements holds 'sin' stocks in his sustainable portfolios

Fund Strategy - October 2014 | By Patrick Collinson

Alliance Trust’s Simon Clements is content to have ‘sin’  stocks in his sustainable portfolios because these are companies that aim to bring a wider benefit to society, such as through energy  efficiency, medical advances or profit-sharing among local communities

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FS Investment Committee

The verdict on the prospects for remainder of 2014

Fund Strategy - October 2014

Our experts appear agreed that this year has not turned out as expected. So how are they approaching its final months?

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A week in the life of SWMC's Alexis Mathieu

Fund Strategy - October 2014 | By Alexis Mathieu

Alexis Mathieu is manager of the SWMC Emerging European fund. His diary runs from 15-19 September

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Big Interview

Gareth Lewis 700x450

Wealth manager interview: Gareth Lewis, Bestinvest

Fund Strategy - Apr 2014 | By Julie Minett

”We are now five years-plus post-Lehman and a lot of people are already forgetting the lessons”

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Fund Data


Is the FCA right to ban fund groups from using dealing commission to pay for access to company executives?