Asset allocation: GAM’s Hepworth protects fund amid China uncertainty

5 October 2015 | By Valentina Romeo

Uncertainty surrounding China in the short-term will keep fund managers on the alert, says GAM fund manager Charles Hepworth.


How would the British and Chinese stockmarket tie-up really work?

30 September 2015 | By Valentina Romeo

The stockmarket link could replicate the existing Hong Kong-Shanghai Stock Connect programme.

Toby Vaughan Santander

Asset allocation: Santander's Vaughan turns to absolute return funds

18 September 2015

The Atlas Portfolio 4 fund sits on the defensive end of the risk spectrum.

David Stubbs thumb

Behind the Headlines: JPM's David Stubbs on how to read China market falls video

26 August 2015

The recent troubles in China should each be taken as three seperate issues.

Scott Jamieson Kames

Asset allocation: Kames' Jamieson bullish despite market uncertainties

21 August 2015 | By Philip Scott

The future is looking very bright, says Kames head of multi-asset investing Scott Jamieson.


Is unloved Japan simply misunderstood?

11 August 2015 | By Gill Hutchison

Japan is still the third largest economy in the world but is misunderstood by some investors.


Miton's Jane and Rayner veer from China risks and boost cash

6 August 2015 | By Valentina Romeo

Rayner also completely sold the commodity exposure of the fund, a gold position, which made 3.7 per cent of the portfolio.

Guy Bowles

Ingenious' Guy Bowles: Greece and China are 'irrelevant'

24 July 2015 | By Laura Suter

The multi-asset manager is more concerned with the US rate rise.


Is the fall of China a bigger problem than Greece?

24 July 2015 | By Valentina Romeo

Is China only a domestic problem or could it turn into something more serious for the global economy?


What does the future hold for the oil market?

19 June 2015 | By Valentina Romeo

Is there a risk of a further oil price drop because of oversupply? And is the current low oil price sustainable or temporary?

Clock money 620 x 430

Asset allocation: Cornelian's Kilpatrick derisks portfolio from equities

18 June 2015 | By Valentina Romeo

Despite reducing exposure to the UK and Japan, Cornelian Asset Management chief investment officer Hector Kilpatrick still favours the markets. 


Multi-manager verdict: Is Abenomics making Japan more investable?

10 June 2015

Japan has arguably divided investors since the arrival of Abenomics the sheer scale of economic measures introduced has buoyed sentiment among many while others fear another false dawn. We ask multi-manager experts what their outlook is for the Japanese market.


Could Japan return to favour despite slow growth?

12 May 2015 | By Valentina Romeo

Economic reform, loose monetary policy and weak yen continue to boost earnings momentum across corporate Japan.


Is India the jewel in the emerging market crown?

17 March 2015 | By Philip Scott

GDP expansion forecast to hit up to 8.5 per cent over the next 12 months and thereafter move into double-digit territory. 


Is the Chinese 'supertanker' getting that sinking feeling?

5 March 2015 | By Michael Berry

For the past year commentators have been opining on how dramatic the slowdown in the nation’s growth will be, but does it matter?


Asset Allocation: Liontrust's Husselbee aims for Europe and the Far East

20 February 2015 | By Philip Scott

For Liontrust’s head of multi-asset, John Husselbee, the disparity of monetary policy across the globe is firmly dictating where he is placing his bets.


Asset allocation: Threadneedle bets on Australian bonds to offset China fall

30 October 2014 | By Michael Berry

A sharp Chinese growth disappointment will send surrounding economies falling with it, but a bet on Australian government bonds could be insurance enough to smooth it out.


Japan's corporates buck the trend

23 October 2014 | By Pamela Morris

Industry experts say Japanese corporates offer attractive earnings growth and valuations despite worries over recent macroeconomic data

China blinded

Blinded by China: Why advisers shouldn’t write off emerging markets

4 September 2015 | By Valentina Romeo

Emerging markets have ’lots of downward pressure’ mainly caused by Brazil and Russia’s recession and China growing at a much slower pace.


Asset allocation: Carmignac's Ouahba uses three arrows to target growth

3 July 2015 | By Laura Suter

Patrimoine manager on the hunt for global leader companies and firms benefiting from the US growth story.


Who are the winners and losers from the oil price slide?

2 February 2015 | By Adam Lewis

Described as a game changer for global markets, the dramatic fall in the price of oil is creating a distinct group of winners and losers. 


Can India maintain status as the number one emerging market?

9 January 2015 | By Adam Lewis

In a year when attention shifted back towards emerging markets it was India that led the way.


Is Japanese debt a ticking time bomb?

22 December 2014 | By Michael Berry

Abenomics crashes on sending the Topix higher and higher to investors’ glee, but an implicit bet on the creditworthiness of Japan accompanies the trade.


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Will the oil price rise above $50 a barrel this year?