Time to despair about China? Hard landing fears could be overblown

16 April 2014 | By Gary Jackson

China has posted better-than-expected growth figures for the opening quarter of 2014, leading some to question whether fears of hard landing in the world’s second largest economy have been overdone.


The funds avoiding the worst of Japan’s 2014 sell-off

14 April 2014 | By Gary Jackson

Japanese equities have had a tough start to 2014 as investors worry that its government will fail to make good on its pledge to kickstart growth in the world’s third largest economy.


Abenomics: Sowing the seeds of change or a potentially disastrous experiment?

10 March 2014 | By Gary Jackson

Investors are starting to express concern over the slow pace of progress in Japan’s structural reforms, leaving fund managers split over the opportunities in the world’s third largest economy.


Was Japan's latest sell-off a 'healthy' correction?

11 February 2014 | By Pamela Morris

Fund managers are sticking by Japan despite a weak start to 2014 and the market correction at the start of February.


Emerging markets: Not the time to be underweight this unloved asset class?

30 January 2014 | By Gary Jackson

Emerging markets had a tough 2013 and events of the last week have seen them sell off even more. But should investors be cautious about being underweight emerging markets right now?


Fund managers hike risk-taking bets despite valuation worries

22 January 2014 | By Gary Jackson

Asset allocators are continuing to add risk to their portfolios even as concerns grow that the stockmarkets are looking expensive, the latest Bank of America Merrill Lynch Fund Manager Survey shows.


Hargreaves Lansdown: The funds we'll be watching in 2014

16 January 2014 | By Gary Jackson

HL’s research and fund management teams have highlighted nine funds they find interesting for their own portfolios.


Adviser verdict: What will be 2014's investment opportunities?

10 January 2014 | By Pamela Morris

Advisers look to contrarian commodities and value plays as equities look fully valued overall and bonds continue to appear expensive.


Brewin Dolphin’s six funds for a risk-on 2014

18 December 2013 | By Gary Jackson

Wealth manager Brewin Dolphin is tipping a year of “perfect calm” for 2014 and has highlighted six funds for investors looking to put more risk in their portfolios.

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Psigma’s Becket: Six funds for 2014 - even for investors late to the party

11 December 2013 | By Gary Jackson

With 2013 almost over, many investors will have their eyes on where to allocate money in 2014 following the strong bull that dominated this year.


The 10 funds battling to make 2013's top returns

10 December 2013 | By Gary Jackson

Despite several bumps, 2013 has been a year of strong returns for the world’s equity markets and investors in them.


Clouds over Japanese sunrise?

23 September 2013 | By Brian Tora

Indications of an end to monetary easing in the US have put a damper on Japan’s feelgood mood, but its markets remain above pre-Abe levels despite Fukushima and other worries.

Nomura calls the end of emerging Asia crisis

3 September 2013 | By Gary Jackson

Nomura says the investor flight that has hit emerging Asian markets is close to coming to an end.

Gold rises from July's lows but caution is urged

28 August 2013 | By Philip Scott

Recent bounce reflects a revival of safe haven demand due to geopolitical risks

Fears of a Chinese hard-landing are overdone, says Deutsche

27 August 2013 | By Philip Scott

Deutsche Asset & Wealth Management asserts that China’s economy will not fall below 7 per cent to 7.5 per cent

Is Asia's long-term story in tact?

23 August 2013 | By Gary Jackson

Asian equities have suffered in recent months as talk of tapering from the Federal Reserve’s creates the risk of money flowing out of the region, leaving investors questioning their long-term attractiveness.

BofA Merrill Lynch: Fund manager confidence highest in almost four years

13 August 2013 | By Jon Yarker

A net 72 per cent of global investors expect the world economy to pick up over the next 12 months, according to August’s Bank of America Merrill Lynch Fund Manager Survey.

Capital Economics: Time to return to emerging equities?

9 August 2013 | By Jon Yarker

Evidence suggests the worst may be over for emerging market equities, according to new research by Capital Economics.

Japan’s national debt passes 1 quadrillion yen mark

9 August 2013 | By Gary Jackson

The national debt of Japan has exceeded ¥1,000trn yen for the first time, adding pressure for prime minister Shinzo Abe to proceed with his controversial sale tax plan.

Will the Bank of Japan have to ease further?

8 August 2013 | By Gary Jackson

Signs that Japan’s economic recovery is already starting to slow could force the Bank of Japan to embark on further monetary easing, according to analysis from Capital Economics.

Japan funds' inflow streak breaks on Abenomics concerns

6 August 2013 | By Gary Jackson

Investors have pulled money from Japanese equity funds over concern that an element of ‘Abenomics’ could hold back the country’s growth.

Finding 'hidden gems' in Japan's coverage gap

5 August 2013 | By Pamela Morris

With around 50 per cent of the Japanese equity market covered by few or no analysts at all, are investors missing the best opportunities?

Will Abenomics keep delivering?

1 August 2013 | By Jon Yarker

’Abenomics’ has been successful so far in weakening the yen and continued quantitative easing has a good chance of trickling down and strengthening Japan’s equity market. So which sectors are drawing most attention from equity managers?

Gold funds enjoy long-awaited bounce in July

1 August 2013 | By Philip Scott

Gold funds rise in July but emerging markets and Japan funds are among the main fallers over the month.

With emerging markets in the doldrums, is it time to buy?

30 July 2013 | By Philip Scott

Emerging market valutions have moved from a premium to a discount, promoting questions over the area’s attractiveness.

Time to buy or avoid the top-performing Legg Mason Japan Equity fund?

17 July 2013 | By Gary Jackson

Hideo Shiozumi’s £208m Legg Mason Japan Equity fund made the industry’s highest returns in the first half of 2013 but commentators have questioned whether it is desirable to keep buying the fund.

Japan outperformance: One in the eye for passive investment?

16 July 2013 | By Gary Jackson

The performance of Japanese funds demonstrates the merits of active management and can be seen as “one in the eye” for the passive investing argument, according to Premier’s Simon Evan-Cook.

Witan Investment Trust reduces 'massive' Japan underweight

10 July 2013 | By Pamela Morris

Redressing the massive Japan underweight has been a theme for the first half of 2013.

Japan helps investment trusts outperform FTSE All Share

2 July 2013 | By Philip Scott

Boosted by a strong rising market on the back of ‘Abenomics’ Japan funds were the overall investment trust winners for the first six months of the year while emerging markets and commodities portfolios collapsed.

Japan is only market to post a gain in June

1 July 2013 | By Jon Yarker

Japan was the only market to perform positively on the S&P Global Broad Market Index in June, gaining 1.42 per cent in the month.

Global sell-off: Capital Economics revises equity forecasts higher

21 June 2013 | By Gary Jackson

Capital Economics has revised up its forecasts for developed equity market performance this year, arguing that many downsides are now priced in.

Capital Economics: Why Japan is not in a bear market

13 June 2013 | By Pamela Morris

The rise in the yen and subsequent drop in Japanese equities should be labelled a “substantial correction”

Martin Currie Japan Absolute Alpha cuts market exposure to 'neutral'

4 June 2013 | By Pamela Morris

Net market exposure brought down from around 60 per cent to 50 per cent in a “purely tactical” move in response to the market drop.

Multi-managers approach emerging Asia with caution download

23 May 2013 | By Philip Scott

The IMF’s latest Asia report predicts that the real economic growth will come from emerging countries. But even with a 7.2 per cent boost, the caveats for investors remain.

Are rising Japanese bond yields contributing to equity plunge?

23 May 2013 | By Gary Jackson

Japanese equities have taken a dive, with the Nikkei 225 closing 7.3 per cent down and the Topix shedding 6.9 per cent.

Surprise weakness in China manufacturing adds to hard landing fears

23 May 2013 | By Gary Jackson

China’s manufacturing activity has contracted for first time in seven months, adding to concerns over the health of the world’s second largest economy.

FS Investment Committee: A yen for Abe’s Japan reforms?

21 May 2013 | By FS Investment Committee

Our expert panellists give their views on whether Japan’s strong rise and Shinzo’s Abe’s radical economic reforms are the precursor to real recovery or just another false dawn.

Japan demand drives equity fund inflows to 14-week high, says EPFR Global

20 May 2013 | By Gary Jackson

The return of investors to Japan funds helped equity funds to outsell bond portfolios by four to one last week, figures from EPFR Global shows.

Is Japan’s stockmarket already overvalued?

16 May 2013 | By Gary Jackson

The Japanese stockmarket has had a strong run for the past few months, after a weakening yen bolstered exporters and investors were encouraged by moves to stimulate the world’s third largest economy.

Investors most bullish on Japan and US, survey finds

16 May 2013 | By Jon Yarker

Investors are showing a three-year high in confidence for Japan and US, according to a poll by Bloomberg.

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