Guy Bowles

Ingenious' Guy Bowles: Greece and China are 'irrelevant'

24 July 2015 | By Laura Suter

The multi-asset manager is more concerned with the US rate rise.


Could Japan return to favour despite slow growth?

12 May 2015 | By Valentina Romeo

Economic reform, loose monetary policy and weak yen continue to boost earnings momentum across corporate Japan.


Healthcare innovation is driving returns

7 May 2015 | By Andy Acker

The rapid pace of innovation in healthcare is unprecedented, driven by an ageing population and the emergence of new therapies.


Asset allocation: McInroy & Wood cuts equities in favour of ‘healthier’ government bonds

1 April 2015 | By Valentina Romeo

McInroy & Wood’s Tim Wood and his team reduce equity exposure to favour UK and US government bonds. 


Investors urged to beware 'herd mentality' as M&A activity looks set to soar

20 February 2015 | By Sam Shaw

With plenty of cash on balance sheets, corporate confidence back in the black and cheap borrowing abound, M&A looks set to soar even further. But how should investors work the trend?

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Will the UK or the US raise interest rates first?