Biotech ructions push top-returning fund into risky territory

25 July 2014 | By Michael Berry

There are 15 funds in the IMA universe that score more than 200 on FE Analytics’ risk rating calculations, including the high-flying Axa Framlington Biotech fund which has made triple-digit returns in the past three years.


Dawn of the biotech 'mega blockbuster'

25 July 2014 | By Michael Berry

Biotech’s rampant growth over the past few years is the recognition of IP written off by cagey investors post-credit crunch, managers say


Which funds topped Bestinvest’s Spot the Dog list?

19 July 2014 | By Gary Jackson

Bestinvest has published its latest Spot the Dog report, highlighting 49 underperforming funds running £19.55bn in assets.


Square Mile's top five UK funds for capital growth - and one to watch

17 July 2014 | By Gary Jackson

Square Mile Investment Consulting & Research has launched its Academy of Funds, which showcases all of the funds the consultancy is prepared to recommend to clients.


Fund groups 'not proactive enough' as AIFMD deadline looms

14 July 2014 | By Michael Berry

Many alternative investment managers have left their AIFMD applications to the last minute with less than 100 fully accredited for the alternatives rules that take effect next week.


What are the risks of Scottish independence for the UK market?

9 July 2014 | By Pamela Morris

What impact are some of the key questions including currency, economic stability and political risk likely to carry for the rest of the rest of the UK?


Managers question future of ‘uninvestable’ UK supermarkets

4 July 2014 | By Gary Jackson

Fund managers and analysts doubt the investment case for large supermarket chains, with one declaring the sector “uninvestable” given the changes being seen in the industry.


Why are investors rushing back to property?

4 July 2014 | By Sam Macdonald

Property funds brought in some £2.16bn of net sales in the year to April 2014, compared to just £390m over the same period last year.


Investors warned of performance drag from property fund cash inflows

3 July 2014 | By Michael Berry

Massive inflows into property are creating difficulties for open-ended funds to use cash, with large piles creating a drag on performance, Walker Crips says.

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New HMRC powers could trigger torrent of misselling complaints

3 July 2014 | By Tessa Norman

New powers which will see HMRC seize £7bn in disputed tax will trigger complaints against advisers, experts warn. 

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Brewin Dolphin’s three safer income ideas

30 June 2014 | By Gary Jackson

Global markets have continued their rise in recent months after Federal Reserve chair Janet Yellen reiterated her dovish stance and the European Central Bank unveiled its reflationary package of measures.


Fund size warnings: Which funds are least correlated to sector giants?

27 June 2014 | By Gary Jackson

A study of 516 UK equity funds by CBS pensions division The Pensions Institute concluded large funds tend to underperform small funds


Fund managers buy ‘unloved’ utilities as turnaround looms

27 June 2014 | By Gary Jackson

Pan-European fund managers have been building overweights to utilities amid signs that the underperforming sector could be facing a more promising future.

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Behind closed doors: Why are fund managers agreeing preferential deals with platforms?

27 June 2014 | By Michael Glenister

Does shaving off a few basis points really prompt more investors to buy a fund? And in the race to the bottom, will the investment proposition suffer?


Extra Isa allowance: Three funds to add to portfolios?

25 June 2014 | By Gary Jackson

Some investors could be looking for new funds for their portfolios on 1 July, when the Isa tax-free limit rises to £15,000 following the overhauls laid out by chancellor George Osborne in the 2014 Budget.


Which funds bucked the UK mid cap sell-off?

24 June 2014 | By Pamela Morris

Fundweb looks at the UK mid cap funds that have managed to beat the FTSE 250 index during the recent volatility in the mid cap space.


Extra Isa allowance: Five UK stocks for investors across the risk spectrum

23 June 2014 | By Gary Jackson

The Isa tax-free limit is set to rise to £15,000 following the overhauls laid out by chancellor George Osborne in the 2014 Budget, meaning some could be looking for further investment ideas.


What’s ailing UK mid caps?

20 June 2014 | By Pamela Morris

Equity managers have been rotating out of mid caps and into smaller companies and large caps but they are split on just what is driving the recent sell-off.


Trust vs open-ended: How do UK equity income managers stack up?

17 June 2014 | By Pamela Morris

Have open or closed-ended funds been more successful at delivering returns for managers who oversee both vehicles in the UK equity income space?

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Standing up to the FCA: Has the regulator got it wrong on independence?

13 June 2014 | By Tessa Norman

Experts say the regulator’s guidance on independence is wrong and advisers are being urged to ignore it

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Back from the dead: Will the FCA resurrect simplified advice?

12 June 2014 | By Michael Glenister

Budget reforms could see the industry finally engage with simplified advice.

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Market volatility can precede big falls

Does volatility really capture risk?

6 June 2014 | By Michael Berry

Equity market volatility is down across developed markets as the slow and steady global recovery grinds on, accompanied by ever-rising share prices

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Saunderson House boosts property exposure for UK recovery play

2 June 2014 | By Jon Yarker

Wealth manager looks beyond equities to play the recovery

Spotlight on charges 700x450.jpg

Spotlight on charges: Fund groups urged to be more transparent on ongoing fund fees

30 May 2014 | By Sam Macdonald

Analysis has revealed the difficulties advisers are facing in trying to compare funds.

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Record UK equity income sales: Where the money went

28 May 2014 | By Jon Yarker

With the IMA UK Equity Income sector experiencing record net retail inflows of £500m in April, which funds have been benefiting from this persistent hunt for income?


How have global equities fared since the taper tantrum?

22 May 2014 | By Michael Berry

A year ago then-Federal Reserve chair Ben Bernanke let slip the dogs of tapering, sending global markets into a panic.


Leading asset managers slam market's short-term focus

22 May 2014 | By Michael Berry

The Investment Leaders Group, managing $5trn of assets between them, hopes to change corporate behaviour for the better.


The flexible funds beating the All-Share with less volatility

16 May 2014 | By Gary Jackson

Eleven aggressive multi-asset funds have managed to deliver higher returns than the FTSE All-Share since the financial while showing lower volatility.


The volatile flexible funds underperforming the All-Share

16 May 2014 | By Gary Jackson

A total of 17 funds in the IMA Flexible sector have failed to beat the FTSE All-Share over the last years, while showing greater volatility than the index.


Upbeat UK: Is the recovery now priced in?

9 May 2014 | By Jon Yarker

With increasingly positive economic data, is it becoming harder for fund managers to find good value investment opportunities?


A star reborn: Woodford on where he will take his new venture

8 May 2014 | By Pamela Morris, Paul McMillan

The star fund manager talks for the first time about where he plans to take his new venture Woodford Investment Management.

Parsons-Mike-JP Morgan 700x450.jpg

JP Morgan pushes for market share following sales team restructure

7 May 2014 | By Pamela Morris

JP Morgan Asset Management head of UK field sales Mike Parsons expects 2014 to be a “strong year” for the intermediary savings and investments market.

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FE analysts: Seven funds to take advantage of 2014’s investment trends

30 April 2014 | By Gary Jackson

Investors have a number of investment trends to keep their eyes on, including but not limited to the UK’s surging economy, Europe’s recovery and the move towards outsourcing.


Institutional platforms seek FCA rebate rules work-around

25 April 2014 | By Sam Macdonald

Firms think they fall outside of platform definitions and can therefore retain fund manager payments.


Investment Quorum: Why we're adding to inflation-linked bonds

22 April 2014 | By Jon Yarker

Chief investment officer Peter Lowman is buying into inflation-linked bonds in order to prepare for potential volatility. 

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'Free, impartial, face to face advice': Can Osborne deliver on his Budget pension promise?

9 April 2014 | By Samuel Dale, Tom Selby

Advisers question whether the Government can deliver on George Osborne’s at-retirement guidance pledge.


Fund managers warn on the 'terrible state' of UK IPOs

4 April 2014 | By Jon Yarker

With so many companies going to market, are UK IPOs getting too frothy to be investable?


How far should you go down the market cap scale?

28 March 2014 | By Pamela Morris

Amid an expensive UK equity market, fund managers say there is value to be found in micro-cap stocks


Budget 2014: Industry reacts to Osborne's bombshells

19 March 2014 | By Gary Jackson

In today’s Budget speech, chancellor George Osborne surprised many with a series of moves such as a new merged Isa, measures to boost flexibility in the pensions system and changes to SEIS.


Cautious investors: Which trusts are advisers tipping for Isa season?

10 March 2014 | By Gary Jackson

Bestinvest, Addidi Wealth, Heron House Financial Management and Keyte Chartered Financial Planners share their cautious investment company Isa recommendations.

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