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Right, that’s it. I know I annoy various people with my blogs and perhaps I have asked for this, but based on recent visits from investment firms to my office, I am afraid that I have had enough.

I am not sure what goes on when some fund management groups select their sales reps and perhaps it is best that I don’t, as at times it must be a fairly dubious process. However, it strikes me that for some, the selection process is far from ideal.

What certain investment groups appear to forget is that the person who is out visiting IFAs and communicating their message may be the only representative of a company that the person sees and therefore will directly contribute to the appreciation of the fund group and the overall impression gained.

Call me an old fuddy duddy, but I really don’t appreciate unprofessional people who swear, make personal and highly offensive comments and don’t have a clue what they are talking about. Surely all our time is precious and the last thing we want to do, certainly I don’t want to do, is to end up in a confined space with an investment version of Rab C. Nesbitt.

If you are a fund management group and you think that these days it is still all about filling the diary with appointments to see IFAs and haring round the country accumulating more empty cups of take away coffee than anyone else, you are sadly mistaken. Those days have changed. (Gee blog continues below)

So when you are recruiting someone to represent you, how about choosing a person who is professional, knowledgeable and capable of reinforcing the necessary high standards and levels of trust?

If you don’t choose carefully, you run the risk of damaging your brand so extensively you lose the IFA for good.

Time for change please.


Philippa Gee is managing director of Philippa Gee Wealth Management.

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Readers' comments (7)

  • Looks like someone got the hump !

    I have always been happy with the reps that visit my practice, as long as they do what they say they will afterwards. Consider yourself lucky to get any visit at all.

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  • You should speak with their boss and request a change of contact. In fact, I'm fairly sure the boss would appreciate your candour. Alternativey, It could just be a clash of personality.

    I think the sales directors of most fund management companies are fully aware that their staff are representing their company, not just selling the range of funds or products. This is a service industry, and you deserve the service because you can easily shop around.

    You are definitely talking about the minority here though as I find the fund sales industry to be very intelligent, thoroughly professional and incredibly knowledge.

    Would be good to see a follow up blog to see how well it went.

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  • Wholeheartedly endorse your comments, Phillipa! Some of these individuals seem to be living in what some of us imagine America in the 50s must have been like, when it was still acceptable to treat clients as fodder to be screwed over ( and yes, in that language!). Some representatives of respected insurance companies/fund management houses seem to have an inability to listen and respond to what we (as their clients) actually want from them and adjust their communication styles accordingly is baffling. A complete lack of emotional intelligence.

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  • How about, name and shame them!

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  • A wee bit unfair I think to tar them all with the same brush. Yes, there can be personality differences but I would suggest the vast majority of Company Representatives wouldn't fall into this category, (certainly, the ones who visit me are all very professional and are welcome to meet with me when it is convenient to do so).

    Was it just a bad rep on a bad day Philippa? If not, I concur with Anonymous (2nd one) above and would speak with the manager. Perhaps the Rep is just unaware of his / her failings and would benefit from either manager counselling or a kick in the butt! Either way, the probability is the situation will be improved.

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  • Ms Gee just deal with it.. its the same in any business.
    or being cynical is it just another way to get your face and company in the media ?

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  • I have only ever had good experience of Company representatives. I always value peoples time including mine. I believe it is up to me to control access and information for my firm. I prefer to receive the information and knowledge and hit delete if not appropriate. It is better to have more than less.

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